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Even if you don't itemize deductions on your income tax, you can still do good for others by contributing to education in Arizona through the School Tax Credit.

Effective beginning in 2016, you can make a contribution using your School Tax Credit between Jan 1 and April 15, and determine whether it should apply to the current year, or the prior year. You decide. Read more online here.

You don't have to have a child in school, but you must have a tax liability for at least the amount of your donation. In other words, if you only owe $100, you can't get a $200 tax credit. The school also has to be qualified by the Arizona Department of Revenue. All Arizona public schools qualify. If you don't owe Arizona taxes this year, but you feel you will in the next few years, you may carry forward your school tax credit for up to five consecutive taxable years.

These monies are not used to fund regular school activities. The donations you make can only be used for extra curricular activities, like sports programs, field trips, after school tutoring programs, after school arts programs, etc. or designated "character education programs." You are allowed to specify which programs you'd like your donation to support.

You are welcome to use the handy DONATE button at top/right, which uses PayPal secure payment processing.


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Participate in the Annual Teacher's Fund at Montessori Academy

Sometimes, it's fulfilling to offer a small donation to your child's teacher in support of their efforts, especially as we wrap up another busy school year. Your support, monetary and otherwise, is appreciated so much by our teachers!

For over a decade, Montessori Academy, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, Fed Tax ID# 75-2990833, has attracted teachers and staff who change our student's lives for the better.

If we are to continue recruiting and retaining teachers of the highest caliber, we must enhance funding to support competitive salaries and benefits, professional development and personal enrichment, the latest tools and techniques, and special rewards for teacher excellence.

By making a gift to Montessori Academy's Annual Teacher's Fund, you'll join ranks with alumni, parents, extended family, faculty and staff, foundations, corporations, and community partners.

Your financial gift, whether part of your annual charitable giving or estate planning, allows us to enhance all facets of the school, applying the funds in the most effective ways through changing times to best meet the school’s needs.

Thank you,
Juli Lewis Newman, M.Ed. (Email Juli)
Executive Director / Principal